Thundercluck, the Viking chicken with the power of thunder, is a character created by Paul Tillery IV.

The bird made his debut in a 2014 animated short film, and a new adventure awaits in the upcoming book, THUNDERCLUCK!

Paul was born in Raleigh, NC. He's always loved drawing, storytelling, and off-kilter comedy.

As a child, Paul struggled at school until third grade. Then he fell in love with reading. His grades improved, and so did his happiness in the classroom. He hopes to have that effect on young readers today!

Paul created Thundercluck at the Savannah College of Art and Design. He earned his MFA from SCAD Atlanta in 2014, and has since been a SCAD professor of animation and computer arts.

For the book, Paul enlisted the help of a terrific co-illustrator:

Meg Wittwer was born in Fort Wayne, IN. She enjoys drawing and communicating with others through art and collaboration. She also digs birds (especially chickens).

Meg earned her BFA in illustration from SCAD in 2016, and she now works as an illustrator in Atlanta, GA. Her work is online at